Emissions measurement tests

The Fuel consumption measurement tests (for urban, off-road and combination cycles)

Emission measurement (up to the Euro IV standard level for petrol and CNG engine vehicles)

RAW emission measurement during EUDC-ECE cycle and on the wheel power

Road Tests

Various ECE and EEC standard tests

Various transient and steady state handling tests

Various performance tests (Braking system, Steering system,  . . .)

High precision measurement tests

High precision measurement of car body and various industrial components

Provision of six automotive type approval test services


Vibration and road simulation tests

Various ECE and EEC standard tests

Subjective evaluation of noise sources like squeak & Rattle

Various ride assessment tests

High deceleration tests to verify human safety performance

Seat belt tests

Seat tests

Head rest tests

Crash simulation

CNG tank assembly performance in crash tests

Sound and vibration laboratory

This laboratory which can be regarded as a unique one in the Middle East, consists of a semi anechoic chamber, a silent dynamometer, varieties of data acquisition systems and advanced hardware and software facilities for noise and vibration measurement tests such as:

Moving vehicle sound level measurement (Pass by noise) tests

Interior sound level measurement tests

Audible warning device durability and performance tests

The sound level measurement of audible warning device when fitted to the vehicle

Noise source identification through the sound pressure and velocity measurement by acoustic camera system

Structural modal analysis tests


Climatic chamber laboratory

This laboratory which is known as unique in the Middle East is equipped with a climatic chamber which provides controlled climatic conditions for carrying on various related automotive tests.

Generally thermal performances in automotive engineering consist of:

     Cooling, comprising engine, engine compartment and power transmission systems cooling

     Passengers’ comfort, comprising air ventilation and air conditioning